Thursday 14th June
« Environment day »

8 H 15 Welcome
8 H 30 Official opening
9 H – 12 H 30 Lectures
12 H 30 – 13 H 30 Lunch
13 H 30 – 17 H 30 Lectures

Friday 15th June
« Nutrition day »

8 H 30 – 12 H 30 Lectures
12 H 30 – 13 H 30 Lunch
13 H 30 – 17 H 30 Lectures
17 H 30 Closing

During each half-day, a pause will be organised
for posters.
Dinners (« chalet » and « Lake ») are presented in the Social programme, with the visit day on Saturday.

Trace elements will be considered on their two sides : as essential nutrients for animal nutrition and health, and as potential polluants for the environment.

Highly specialised researchers and experienced scientists will review current knowledge in each area of expertise. An international coverage will be given to the programme. Time will be allowed for Questions & Answers.

President-Moderator for OTEANE 2007:
Dr. Age W. Jongbloed
Animal Sciences Group of Wageningen UR

Environment day

Worldwide growth of animal production and environmental consequences
Mr Pierre
Livestock, Environment and Development (LEAD),
Animal Production and Health Division

Food and Agriculture Organisation (Italy)

Policy of the European Union on trace minerals in animal production chain
Mr Frans Verstraete
Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General, European Commission (Belgium)

Nutrient flux calculation model for intensive livestock production
Dr Harald Menzi
Swiss College of Agriculture (Switzerland)

Technological treatments of animal waste and consequences on trace minerals.
Dr Fiona A. Nicholson
ADAS (England)

Some conclusions of the European program AROMIS (Assessment and reduction of trace mineral input into agro-ecosystems)
Mr Henning Eckel 
KTBL Association for Technology and Structures in Agriculture (Germany)

Farm-scale nutrient and trace mineral dynamics in a
dairy farm
Dr Ingrid Öborn
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden)

Copper and zinc cycle on soils receiving applications of swine manure
Dr Jeffrey M. Novak
USDA, Coastal Plains Soil, Water, and Plant Research Center (USA)

Trace minerals impact on soil quality, ground water and surface water qualities
Dr Paul F. RÖmkens
Alterra Institute of Wageningen UR (Netherland)

Environmental pollution of trace minerals derived
from aquaculture New
Dr Santosh P. Lall
Institute for Marine Biosciences (Canada)

Trace elements in poultry litter : benefits and hazards in animal diets
Prof. Jannes BJ  Van Ryssen
University of Pretoria (South Africa)

Nutrition day
Bioavailability criteria for trace minerals in monogastrics and ruminants
Prof. Jerry W. Spears
North Carolina State University (USA)

Recent advances on trace minerals requirements of
earth animals

Prof. Wilhelm M. Windisch
University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (Austria)

Recent advances on trace minerals requirements of fishes and crustaceans
Dr Santosh P. Lall
Institute for Marine Biosciences (Canada)

Copper and zinc for pigs:  pharmacological doses and environmental concerns
Dr Hanne D. Poulsen
Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences (Denmark)

Research programs to reduce excretion of trace
minerals: USA
Prof. Gretchen M. Hill
Michigan State University (USA)

Research programs to reduce excretion of trace
minerals: France
Dr Jean-Yves Dourmad
INRA (France)

Bioavailability of trace minerals sources in swine
Prof. Klaus MÄnner
Berlin University (Germany)

Trace mineral status and immunity New
Prof. Vincent Girard
Montreal University (Canada)

Trace minerals and prions
Prof. David R. Brown
University of Bath (England)

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